Onion Cake Recipe

One of the typical snacks Eid are easy to make and does not require the oven is baking onions. Pastries is almost always to be found in every home as a treat for guests. How to make and the ingredients are easy to be one of the factors why this cake became one of the favorites of the mother to be made.

To make cake recipe onion, pasta maker machine actually needs / skin Molen. But if you do not have these tools, no need to dissuade to make. You can use the roller pin / rolling pin or even ketchup or syrup bottles that have been washed clean. After the dough according ketebelan desired crushed, cut into pieces with a knife, and form at will. No need to follow standards must onion-shaped cake toothpick as usual. With different forms, onion cake you will look different between neighboring onion cake.

That the results remain crispy onion cake for a rather long period of time, use a medium-protein wheat flour. When draining oil from the onion cake, try to actually leak. Cooking oil that stick to the cake, if stored in a closed container, could result in a cake onions become stale quickly.

Here we present onion cake recipe that you can try at home.


250 g cake flour
50 g of starch
2 eggs
75 ml thick coconut milk
50 g of flour, for dusting
Oil for frying
Ground spices:
4 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon salt
2 red onions
2 tablespoons finely chopped celery leaves

How to make:

Mix flour, tapioca flour, spices, eggs, and milk. Mix well and knead until well blended and smooth.
Enter chopped celery leaves.
Prepare pasta mill, milling 3 times until the dough into 2 mm thick sheets.
Expand on the cutting board, then the shape according to taste. Can also be made into such a matchstick with mold pasta. Sprinkle with flour to prevent sticking to each other.
Heat oil wok, fry the dough until golden brown. Remove and drain.
Once cool, store in an airtight jar.

In airtight jars, onion cake can last up to 2 months, as long as you use good quality cooking oil and the oil draining well done. Congratulations creative with onion cake recipe from us. Do not forget to share your success stories in the comments field.


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